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  • Consulting engineers in Berlin Chamber of Construction
  • Authorization to present building documents in Berlin and Brandenburg
  • EOQ and DGQ Quality Systems Manager
  • Competence in mediation
  • Honorary judge at Court of Appeal Berlin for civil engineers
  • Certified Project Management Associate
  • B II engineer (Concrete engineer)
  • Seminars about asphalt and concrete
  • Commissioner for waste management and immission control
  • Protecting, repairing, joining and reinforcing on concrete structures
  • Responsible for traffic safety in the workplaces on road construction
  • Occupational health and safety specialists
  • Safety and Health Protection Coordinators
  • Competence for Safety and Health in contaminated work fields
  • Surveyors
  • Commercial and legal qualifications about railway construction for German Federal Railway
  • Certified qualifications about the new Construction Contract Procedures, the implementation of the new procurement law 2006 in practice and German Construction Contract Procedures (VOB 2000)
für Verkehrsbau mbH
Elsterstraße 63
14612 Falkensee

+49 (0)33 22/409 41 - 0
+49 (0)33 22/409 41 - 25

für Verkehrsbau mbH
Branch Eberswalde
Eisenbahnstraße 102
16225 Eberswalde

+49 (0)33 34/38 09 - 33
+49 (0)33 34/38 09 - 34

für Verkehrsbau mbH
Branch Köln
Bonn-Brühler-Str. 53
53332 Bornheim-Merten

+49 (0)22 27/9 33 74-67
+49 (0)22 27/9 33 74-68

Headquarters Falkensee
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