Specialist for working safety

Since the introduction of the Health and Safety Work Act “Specialist for working safety” (VBG 122) in April 1996, companies that operate in Germany, are insured by the Building association, and employ less than 21 staff are required either to appoint a specialist for working safety or to seek external advisory services.
We are pleased to offer you such services, either as free-lance specialists for working safety or as private occupational integration services.

Safety and Health Coordination
In Germany, according to the Federal Law 1998, Part 1 – No. 35, issued at Bonn on 18 June 1998, constructors have an obligation to appoint a safety and health coordinator for construction exceeding certain dimensions.
If you plan or carry out projects for which:

  • the expected duration of the work is more than 30 workdays and each day more than 20 people work simultaneously,
  • the scope of work is expected to exceed 500 person-days or
  • multiple employers are involved or particularly hazardous work has to be carried out,

we can provide you an adequate Safety and Health Coordination.

Targets for safety and health of all workers on the site are already set during the planning phase by the Construction Site Regulation. All necessary safety devices are covered in a safety and health plan.
Coordinators for health and safety assist already in early project stages and monitor the application of safeguard measures during the construction.
Documentation contains all necessary information regarding safety and health for the construction work.

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